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Is the need to move toward a sustainable way of living a key driver to build the future's smart cities? Can we expect that in the future, AI will not only assist human but also become an integral part of every aspect of our lives? The answers to these questions, as well as potential opportunities and threats, are presented in our Future Cities free radar.

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By logging into the "Future Cities" radar, you are joining an open community of future-minded professionals, who are interested in future foresight and strategic planning. Participate in discussions, study the trends, and give your opinions on the matters of AI, Internet of Things (IoT), and sharing economies.

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Click the trend buttons to see its description, the background, and possible impacts. For each respective trend, You also get access to a news stream, which provides recent headlines related to the topic.

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Share your findings with co-workers or your network to start planning for the future. Invite them to join the open community of the free radar. If you want a private radar for your team, consider subscribing to our premium plans.

Which phenomena will transform our future cities?


The Future of Work foresight radar consists of 47 phenomena (trends) that will likely transform our future cities in the next 5 to 15 years.

The phenomena are divided into 7 big sectors that cover virtually all aspects of the employment landscape. The comprehensive 360-view radar provides you a holistic view of the big picture.


Each dot on the radar represents a change phenomenon or trend. Open a dot to read a brief explanation of the phenomenon, watch a video, or follow the latest news updates.

All phenomena dots are color-coded. The color is determined by the levels of impact:

  • Green dots: Strengthening
  • Blue dots: Weakening
  • Red dots: Wild Card


By reviewing the trend cards and their connections, you will see the big picture of all the changes that are affecting futures cities. The more time you spend on the radar, the stronger your understanding on future change becomes.

Afterwards, you can share your own insights with others by leaving your comments on the left side of the Discussion page. Help each other understand the big picture and grow our community!

What Our Clients Say

David Harris

Futures Strategist

Futures Platform is an amazing service. The variables for interaction are many. Group work, individual, online, in-person are all easy to use. And it helps to drive fantastic engagement. With the opportunity to alter both the time periods and the likely impact events, this allows for a highly customisable solution for the most serious of users. Great touch with videos and explanation of key events.

Panu Muhonen

Offering Director, Martela

Our company's journey of transformation has brought the future and our strategic positioning into the center of Martela’s everyday work. I no longer present our company to customers as an ‘office furniture manufacturer’ but rather as an expert in modern workspaces. The discussion these days focuses on facilitating fruitful collaboration, enabling flexibility in the office space and so forth.

Sohail Inayatullah

Professor & Director, Founder of Metafutures, UNESCO Chair of Future Foresight

A foundational part of strategy work is anticipating the future. One can do this in a haphazard way or use the brilliant and innovative Futures Platform. I use it and recommend it to the governments, NGOs, businesses, and associations I work with. It is easy to use and not only aids in understanding what is on and beyond the horizon, but how one can use the future as an asset, as a way of changing today.

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