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New, exclusive online sessions with Futures Platform's futurists

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Learn from our futurists

Stay updated on future changes and disruptions, learn what the futurists think about their possible impacts, and get practical tips.

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Connect with other future-minded professionals 

Feel free to participate in discussions about future-related topics and foresight best practices, or sit back and learn from the conversations.

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Ask the futurists anything

Have a conversation with a futurist to discuss topics that you have been curious about and suggest topics for upcoming sessions.


Date & Time: March 11th, 2021 at 4 PM EET

Topic: Foresight Deliverables with Futures Platform: Case Norwegian Tax Administration

Duration: 60 minutes

Registration: FREE of charge for Futures Platform premium users

The session will be recorded and the recording will be sent to all registrants after the event.

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Setting up a foresight program in a government department

When Dr. Yousif Rashid Matar Al Zaabi decided to set up a foresight function for his government department, he wanted to invite external stakeholders also to take part. But how to get them interested, and how to coordinate such a large-scale group effort? The answer was Futures Platform, where the healthcare professionals of the entire emirate of Abu Dhabi joined forces to work on foresight and build a vision of the future.

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A powerful tool when working with clients, but also when preparing for sales

When The Lab of Business Disruption Research at the Turku School of Economics works on the future of a particular industry, they often use Futures Platform as a conversation starter, to provide structure to the workshops and to help both the experts and their clients to quickly gain understanding of the most recent developments in the industry.

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"Group work, individual, online, in-person are all easy to use."
David Harris
Futures Strategy
"In conducting a future deep dive, the Futures Platform tool is very useful because you are able to get a comprehensive view of how the future looks like in a short time."
Jussi Leskinen
Director of Customer Experience Management and Operations at Lindström
"The discussions were exceptionally productive and captivating. At the same time, they continuously encouraged the participants to think about the strategy of their own company."
Markku Hämäläinen
Group CEO of Oy Otto Brandt Ab

The foresight solution for future-proof decision-making

  • Start foresight work fast and easy with visualised trend radars and digital reports across all industries globally for a holistic 360° view of the future.

  • Proof and validate your research by tapping into more than 700 key trends and emerging drivers of change placed in context and on a timeline to see the highest point of impact.

  • Identify strategic opportunities and risks both in projects and in continuous programs.

  • Spot the latest emerging issues and developments by receiving early warning alerts and news feeds from numerous futurist-curated, verified and trusted sources globally.

  • Use collaboration features to crowdsource and co-work to enrich the interpretations, and build organisational future understanding together. 
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