Amidst great turmoil lies potential for renewal and growth.


Our team of futurists here at Futures Platform has created a view of the world after COVID-19. As we want to show our support to organisations around the world, you can access the foresight radar free of charge.

The radar displays a holistic view of the world after Covid-19 with important drivers of change, and the latest news regarding them. On this radar you can see all aspects of the change, which hopefully will help you in decision-making and planning for the future.

The news on the topics is refreshing daily. Our futurists are also continuously researching the topic and they will update the radar with new findings. Thus the radar is worth visiting frequently.

Many opportunities are ahead of us - this is the time to vision, plan and take action.


If you are interested in evaluating together with our foresight experts what opportunities the world after COVID-19 can offer to your organisation, we are happy to go through it together with you. You can leave your details below and we will be in contact with you.

You can leave your contact details HERE


(Note: If you are already our client, users with editor rights can find the customisable version of the COVID-19 radar from the 'Create new radar' dialogue.)



Our futurists are evaluating the world after the pandemic in a weekly "60 seconds with a futurist" video update. Register for the weekly futurist's email update here.

Episode 1: The Collapse of the Healthcare System


Episode 2: Joint Corona Fight

Episode 3: COVID-19 Impact on Pollution

Episode 4: The Geo-Economic Impact of Coronavirus


Episode 5: City Self-Sufficiency


Episode 6: Safe Sharing Economy

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"Group work, individual, online, in-person are all easy to use."
David Harris
Futures Strategy
"In conducting a future deep dive, the Futures Platform tool is very useful because you are able to get a comprehensive view of how the future looks like in a short time."
Jussi Leskinen
Director of Customer Experience Management and Operations at Lindström
"The discussions were exceptionally productive and captivating. At the same time, they continuously encouraged the participants to think about the strategy of their own company."
Markku Hämäläinen
Group CEO of Oy Otto Brandt Ab