This March 1st is the World Futures Day. It is a day devoted to honoring and celebrating the energy that more and more people around the world are directing toward creating a better future. It's also an opportunity for people who are interested in future studies to have an open forum to talk about emerging trends, or start a discussion with other futurists.


Futures Platform's World Futures Day 2019

Inspire by the concept of the World Futures Day, we are going to kick off a month-long campaign that advocates collaboration and open dialogues in creating a shared understanding of the future.

The campaign will begin on March 1st as we introduce our Future Disruptors radar, a new project where everyone can participate and create a new future trends radar together.


Raise your awareness of the most important future disruptors - Join our webinar

We are going to host a 45-minute webinar on March 1st at 4PM EET * with our foresight experts, Dr. Tuomo Kuosa (Content Director and author of the book "The Evolution of Strategic Foresight") and Mr. Saku Koskinen (Foresight Adviser). The webinar will focus on discussing trends that are radically changing the future of the world. We will also unveil the Futures Disruptor radar.

The webinar will be in English. You can ask questions for the hosts during the webinar. The record will be available afterwards.

 (* Important Note: The webinar has been rescheduled for Monday, March 11th at 4PM EET)

Future disruptors radar - Get access to expert content and share your insights

We all know that making a future plan require collaborative efforts, and what better way to identify the future trends than join forces with other futurists and make your own future radar?

Futures Platform provides the platform and the tools for you to take part in the process of scouting trends and creating shared understanding of the future with other people. That's why for the whole month of March, we invite everyone to participate in building the Future Disruptors radar with us.

 On the radar, you can review the disruptors and contribute by pointing out the most significant ones.

The radar will be opened globally on 1st March. The voting process with be carried out throughout March 2019 and the final result will be announced for participants on April 1st. You can follow the process and review the comments on the radar's Discussion page. 

The Future Disruptors radar will be accessible anytime once you log in to your account. You can revisit and suggest further adjustments on the radar. You are free to invite your friends and colleagues to join the project.

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